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Common Questions

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Interior Questions

Q: What do I need to do to prep before you start?

We ask that you clear areas being painted as much as possible.  This includes removing pictures, décor, and vacuuming up pet hair if needed. 

Q: Do you move furniture in areas being painted?

We will assist in moving larger pieces of furniture like couches, tables, and entertainment stands.  Wall mounted TV’s will be customer’s responsibility unless discussed beforehand.

Q: Where do you start painting?

We typically prep all areas within the project scope then move top to bottom, starting with ceilings and finishing with walls and trim.  We are happy to work with you, however, if you request us to start in a certain area of your home.

Q: How many coats of paint are standard?

Where walls are being changed in color or finish, 2 coats are standard.  1 coat may be sufficient for walls going back with the same color and finish. Trim typically takes 1 coat unless the color is being changed.

Q: How soon can I move back into a room after painting?  

Typically after 24-48hrs of room being painted.  This could be longer for people with heightened allergy sensitivities.  

Q: Do you have odorless paints?  

No paint is 100% odorless.  Many of the Sherwin Williams products we use are low or zero VOC products, however, and significantly minimize paint odor.  

Exterior Questions

Q: When is the best time of year to paint my house?

Temperatures need to be above 45 degrees during the day for paint to be applied and cure correctly. With the mild temperatures of Georgia, we are often able to execute exterior projects year round.

Q: What if it rains while painting outside? 

We watch the weather forecasts closely.  If rain is in the forecast, or happens midday, we will cease operations for that day and hope for better weather tomorrow. 

Q: During Spring painting, is pollen a problem?

We hear this question a lot.  With us beginning prep/paint right after pressure washing the house, we really don’t come across issues with pollen affecting the paint job.   

Q: How long will my project take to complete?

On average the typical exterior project will take 4-6 days to complete (weather permitting).  This could be slightly shorter or longer, however, depending on the size of house, repairs needed, and project details.

Q: Do you brush or spray?

A combination of spraying and brushing will be required for most projects.  In most cases we spray siding and soffit areas while windows, doors, shutters, and other trim will typically be brushed by hand.

Q: What if you find rotten wood while painting? 

If an additional repair is found that was not noted on your original estimate, we will bring it to your attention.  Additional repairs will receive a change order per the customer’s approval.  

Q: Do you install gutters?

Yes.  We install 5 or 6” seamless, aluminum gutters and gutter guards.  We also make repairs including fastener replacement and joint sealing. It’s just another way we try to be your one stop shop for all your renovation needs.

Q: How long will a typical paint job last?

Factors such as sun exposure, over-shaded areas, and products used are all contributing factors in how long paint will stand the test of time.  It’s important to inspect your house annually for exposures and failing paint, but generally speaking a good quality paint job can last 6-8 years before having to paint again.

General Questions

Q: What products do you use?

We proudly use Premium Behr and Sherwin Williams paint products on all our projects.

Q: Who will be working on my project?

Our crews consist of 2-3 highly skilled and trusted workers. At CEP, we choose to hire on character as well as skill, so our team members go through a vetting process to become qualified to be part of the CEP team.

Q: What time does the crew usually start and wrap up each day?

Crews usually work a typical 9:00a to 5:00p schedule, but occasionally start early or work later if circumstances require. 

Q: Does crew work weekends?

Family values, and taking a break are important to us.  Therefore, we do not typically work on weekends unless necessary.

Q: Who do I contact with an issue or general question during my project?

All team leaders are available to answer questions during your project. You will be assigned a project manager to act as a liaison between your requests and the team's delivery.

Q: Is CEP insured?

Yes.  For everyone’s safety and peace of mind we carry general liability and workman’s comprehensive coverage for all workers on site.  

Q: What does your warranty cover?

For details about our multiple warranty levels, click here.

Q: What payment methods do you take?

We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Q: Do you ever have special offers or coupons towards painting?

Yes. Along with offering a discount to service members, we will many times also offer bundle discounts when you receive multiple proposals from us.   

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